Ondo State HIV/AIDS and STIs Control Programme

Image The HIV Unit of the Ondo State Ministry of Health, also known as the State HIV/AIDS and STIs Control Program (SASCP), is the wing of the ministry that works with the National HIV/AIDS Control Program (NASCP) of the Federal Ministry of Health.
The SASCP is saddled with prompt and comprehensive response to the scourge of HIV disease in the state.
The mandate of the SASCP is to coordinate the formulation and effective implementation of the policies of both the State and the Federal Governments for the prevention of new HIV infections as well improving the care of the already-infected.
The unit has the following thematic areas:
Antiretroviral Therapy
HIV Testing Services
HIV Program Monitoring and Evaluation
HIV Program Logistics
Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV
Paediatric and Adolescent HIV
HIV Care and Support
Our activities include policy-making, supportive supervision, monitoring and evaluation as well as mentoring.

Programme Staffing

Position Name
State HIV/AIDS Programme Coordinator Dr Adewale Samson More Details