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Department of Hospital Services

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The department of Hospital Services is a proficient administrative department responsible for the building and renovation of health facilities in Ondo State. It is the department in charge of procurement and supply of health equipment to state owned health facilities.


Accreditation and supervision of all public and private health facilities operating or wishing to operate in Ondo State are carried out by the


department. The responsibility for continuing medical education for health workers also rests with the department.


Indigent applicants who apply for medical assistance from government are screened through the Medical Board of Enquiry which is a component of the Hospital Services department to determine their suitability for assistance. Through the assessment of the Medical Board of Enquiry, the suitability of referred civil servants to continue service is determined. The department also oversees the conduct of free surgeries.


The department is responsible for the supervision of all NHIS/MDG-MCH accredited health facilities in the state.


Summary of Achievements


Health Institutions Development


  • Construction and Equipping of Trauma Centre, Laje Road Ondo  which consist of: (a) Accident and Emergency Unit (b) Information Centre (c) Staff Quarters (d) Histopathology Laboratory
  • Construction of trauma unit in Federal Medical Centre, Owo
  • Construction and equipping of Mother and Child Hospital Akure
  • Construction and equipping of Mother and Child Hospital Ondo
  • Construction of Renal Centre, Laje Road, Ondo
  • Upgrading of  General Hospital Igbotako


Medical Board of Enquiry and Medical Assistance


  • Provision of over 196 Million Naira to assist 169 indigent Patients for Medical Assistance between 2012 and 2013


Private Health Institutions Registration


  • Closure of 14 illegal health institutions in 2013


Festival of Surgery / Eye Camp


  • 907 free surgeries have been done since 2009 till date


Medical Mission


Ondo state government in collaboration with Rotary International (2012)


  • 940  free surgeries
  • 601 free medical out-patients seen
  • 686 dental cases attended


Ondo state  government in conjunction with Medical Missions Int’l(2013)


  • 26 free surgeries
  • 32 reading glasses
  • 302 medical out-patient seen

Public Health Institutions Development Unit


  • Procurement of hospital equipment
  • Design and Construction of health facilities
  • Renovation of health facilities


Medical Board Of Enquiry And Medical Assistance


  • Screen applicants who apply for medical assistance from the government
  • Conduct medical examination and/or enquiry on suitability of referred sick civil servants  to continue service


Festival Of Surgery / Eye Camp


  • Conduct free surgical services for indigent patients
  • Free cataract surgeries for indigent patients
  • Provision of corrective eye glasses for indigent patients
  • Coordinate Medical Missions


Medical And Dental Council Of Nigeria


  • Renewal of practicing license for doctors practicing in the state
  • Ensure that unqualified persons do not practice in Ondo State
  • Ensure compliance with the medical ethics, rules and regulations guiding the practice of medicine and dentistry


Private Health Institutions Registration Unit


  • Registration of Private health institutions in the State.
  • Renewal of registration license
  • Ensure standard quality of practice in the private health facilities
  • Prevention of quacks from practicing in the state
  • Closure of illegal institutions and forwarding such to law enforcement agents for prosecution
  • Inspection of Private Educational Institutions in Conjunction with Ministry of Education
  • Accreditation Of Public Health Institutions
  • Monitor public health facilities to ensure standard practice and need for upgrade


Dental Education Unit

  • Educate the general public on oral health


Traditional Medicine Board


  • To prescribe standard of training and research work in traditional medicine
  • To establish registration offices within the state for the purpose of registering traditional medical institutions
  • Ensure practitioners practice within the ethics and rules of the profession.

Staff Clinic

  • Provides Medical services for Civil Servants in the State
  • Counseling Services


National Health Insurance Scheme/Maternal Development Goal - Maternal And Child Health

  • Monitor accredited health facilities to ensure universal coverage for pregnant women and children under – five years of age.
  • Coordinate all activities under the NHIS/MDG-MCH scheme
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Capacity building for health workers


Prison Health Services


  • Screen and treat prison inmates periodically
  • Accompany the Chief Judge on prison visits

For hospital services related information and enquiries, please contact:


The Director

Department of Hospital Services

Ministry of Health

Alagbaka, Akure.

Ondo State



Dr. V.A Adelusi

Director Hospital Services


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