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Department of Supply Chain Management and Pharmacy Investments


Department Functions
  • Manage the overall supply chain processes of all public health commodities as the Logistics Management Coordinating Unit for the State;
  • Ensure compliance with safety protocols and Nigeria supply chain policy by all actors for public health commodities and vaccines;
  • • Coordinate the development of quantification, sourcing and distribution matrix for pharmaceutical and other health care products, its implementation and monitoring at all levels in the state;
  • Collect, collate, validate and disseminate Logistics Management Information System -LMIS- for quarterly reporting on overall system inventory and performance;
  • Facilitate capacity building of service providers on supply chain management and provide mentoring and supportive supervision to facilities in the state;
  • Create a viable market economy opportunities around Pharmaceutical products, and consumables through investor friendly policies for large scale private investment.
  • Coordinate donor interventions in relations to health commodity donations and supplies;
  • Collaborate with the Department of Pharmaceutical Services to conduct pharmaceutical based research and medicinal herbs development;
  • Collaborate with other relevant MDAs to ensure commodities security and supply chain resource optimization with other special assigned duties.
Department Structure
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