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Ondo State Agency for the Control of AIDS

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The first case of HIV was diagnosed in 1989 in Ondo state and numerous cases have since been reported. The HIV and AIDS control programme therefore commenced in the “Old Ondo State” in 1989. Since then there has been a steady increase in the burden of the disease which is estimated using the NDHS 2008 to be about 40,800 HIV positive clients and 806 HIV+ births.

It is estimated that 8000 people living with HIV/AIDS


will require Antiretroviral Therapy. However, only 3,834 cases are reported to be on treatment in 2011 (M&E ODSACA report 2011). In 2012, 14,394 are on treatment out of the eligible 21,461.

Nigeria’s National response was essentially health sector oriented until 1999 when the National Action Committee on HIV/AIDS (NACA) was established to coordinate the multi-sectoral response.


Ondo State followed suit with the establishment of Ondo State Action Committee on AIDS (ODSACA) that was constituted in 2001, with representation from different Stakeholder Groups and located within the directorate of primary Health and Disease Control of Ministry of Health. Activities implemented during this period were mainly Health related.


In 2006, SACA was reconstituted according to NACA guidelines (when the national body was transformed into an agency) and its secretariat situated within the Governor’s office under the Secretary to the State Government as chairman to give the body the real multisectoral structure and outlook. ODSACA has designated staff, including the Project Manager, Community Mobilization Officer, Accountant, Procurement Officer, Internal Auditor, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Scientific officer, HIV Counselling and Testing officer and other secretarial staff.


ODSACA as presently constituted is patterned after National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA)’s structure and guidelines and is under the oversight of NACA.


ODSACA in Ondo State serves as the institutional framework that coordinates the activities of various agencies and constituencies working on HIV and AIDS.

The Ondo State Action Committee on AIDS (ODSACA) was later transformed into an agency in April 2010.




"To have an HIV competent and ultimately HIV free society thereby enabling all people in the State to be able to achieve socially and economically productive lives free of the disease and its effects".



"To advance the multi-sectoral response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the State in order to achieve effective control of the epidemic by reducing the rate of new infections, providing equitable care and support for those infected and affected and mitigating the impact of the infection".


Functions of the Agency

  • Promote a State Multi-sectoral and Multi-disciplinary mobilization for HIV and AIDS prevention;
  • Behaviour change and prevention of new infections:  The agency focuses on prevention of new infections through the adoption of safer use of preventive technologies and health promoting services such as increasing level of HIV knowledge and behaviour change through communication interventions, scaling up  HIV Counselling and Testing which is an entry point to care and support, establishing Prevention of Mother-to-Child-Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) service delivery points, promoting the Prevention of Biomedical Transmission of HIV, Early Detection, Treatment and Control of STIs  and  Condom Promotion.
  • Treatment of HIV/AIDS and Related Health Problems: The agency addresses issues of access to antiretroviral treatment for the infected and affected population, prevention and management of opportunistic infections.
  • Care and Support for Persons Infected and Affected by HIV/AIDS: the agency relates to provision of holistic care and support for various support groups of People Living With HIV(PLHIV) and Children orphaned by AIDS and other vulnerable children.
  • Policy, Advocacy, Human Rights and Legal Issues: the agency focuses on addressing legal issues, legal rights and advancing the rights of People Living With HIV and those affected by the infection.
  • Institutional Architecture, Coordination and Resource Mobilization: the focus is on the design and strengthening of the structure of all coordinating mechanism of the multisectoral response. Resource mobilisation and management for public sector line ministries, civil society networks and Local Government Action Committee on AIDS (LACA).
  • Coordination: ODSACA interfaces in five domains: SACA-LACA, SACA-CSO, SACA-private sector, SACA- public sector, and SACA-development partners.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation, Research, and Knowledge Management: aims at strengthening the quality of programme management through effective monitoring to generate data, analyse, disseminate and utilise data to provide support for evidence based programming using the Nigeria National Response Information System(NNRIMS).


Other Functions Include

  • increase awareness and sensitization among the general population and strategically targeted stakeholders;
  • promote behavioural change in both low and high risk populations;
  • promote a State, understanding and acceptance of the principle of providing care and support for prevention of HIV transmission;
  • promote a State, understanding and acceptance of the principle that all persons must accept responsibility for providing care and support for those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS;
  • ensure that communities are empowered to design, initiate and implement community-specific action plans to address HIV and AIDS and other sexual and reproductive health challenges;
  • remove human resources, financial, cultural and informational barriers to HIV and AIDS prevention;
  • ensure that the State’s laws and policies complement and assist the Ondo State Government’s resolve to remove all barriers to an effective, proactive approach to the mitigation of AIDS impact on the State;
  • develop and implement a multidisciplinary institutional framework and legal machinery for HIV and AIDS;
  • develop standards and guidelines leading to the institutionalization of best practices in care giving and support to people infected by HIV;
  • implement the activities of the National and State plan using a decentralized and participatory approach;
  • mitigate the impact of AIDS by:
  • - providing affordable and accessible drugs;
    • - encouraging and counseling those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS;
    • - providing care and support assistance to AIDS orphans through

- educational support and skill acquisition;

    • - providing micro-care and support including micro-credit facilities to     

- people living with HIV and AIDS and

    • - providing free treatment services.
  • empower people infected and affected by AIDS to form networks and  contribute to HIV and AIDS planning and programming at State, Local Government and Community Levels;
  • ensure that the HIV and AIDS surveillance system is effective in providing accurate, periodic and timely information;
  • stimulate research, documentation and research networks on HIV and AIDS in the State and
  • provide a proactive and aggressive response to issues that rests at the very heart of the development of a cohesive and cross-cutting strategy for the prevention and mitigation of HIV and AIDS impact on Nigeria society.

Dr. Dayo Adegbulu

Project Manager


For more information and enquiries, please contact:


The Project Manager

Ondo State Agency for the Control of AIDS

State Secretariat Annex

Ilesha-Owo Expressway,

Akure, Ondo State.




Telephone: 08034711136




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