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Hospitals Management Board

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The Hospitals Management Board is the oldest and largest parastatal of the Ondo State Ministry of Health. The Board was established by the Ondo State Government edict of 1978. Its primary mandate is to provide health care services to the good people of the State through the management of Secondary Health facilities.

The Board is headed by a Chairman Dr.Niran Okunrinboye and four other

Board Members who were meant to represent professional bodies in the health system i.e. the Nigeria Medical Association, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, National Association of Nurses and Midwives and Medical and Health Workers Union. Also included in the Board is the representative of the Ondo State Ministry of Health. The Permanent Secretary of the Ondo State Hospitals’ Management Board is Dr. Michael Ayodele Ojo; he is the Secretary of the Board.
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Core Mandate

  • Provide Governance and Leadership for Health
  • Ensuring Health Services Delivery
  • Human Resources for Health
  • National Health Management Information System
  • Partnerships for Health
  • Research for Health


Leadership and Governance for Health


Management and control of all secondary and some selected health centre’s in the state. The HMB have been doing this through the following processes:

  • Planning (setting goals &objectives) by ensuring income and expenditure are done in line with International Public Sector Accounting Standard(IPSAS) as applied to General /Specialist Hospitals. The facilities managers have all been trained in line with this concept
  • Ensuring accountability and transparency in the management of our health facilities through regular supervision and monitoring of the activities of their management team. This is aimed at guaranteeing the proper management of materials, financial and human resources in all the health facilities within the control of the HMB.
  • Organizing the facilities by ensuring order in the deployment of material resources
  • Staffing (ensuring adequate and appropriate numbers of staff)
  • Leading by example, directing affairs of hospitals through collaboration and empowerment of heads of the facilities
  • Controlling and implementing government policies on health such as  Abiye Safe Motherhood Programme
  • Strengthening the level of autonomy in respect of decision making at the level of health facilities in order to enhance discipline and eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic bottle neck.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation to ensure that predetermine  vision, mission, goals and objectives of the programmes are met
  • Ensuring dialogue and feedback mechanism using the monthly MDs/CMDs/Administrative Secretaries meetings with the management of HMB
  • Working on intervention programmes to address any reported or perceived challenges of our health facilities.


Human Resources for Health


Management of human resources is crucial for an effective health services delivery. For an effective management, the following steps have so far been taken:


  • The restructuring of HMB into six departments was consolidated in 2013 and are fully operational. There were series of stake holders meetings between the management of HMB and various health workers groups.
  • The Board had set up a Model ward for the use of Nursing process in SSH AKURE in 2013 as a tool for effective and efficient nursing practice and this being replicated in other health facilities since the beginning of 2014.
  • Regular monitoring of the free and fee paying pharmaceutical management programme.
  • Recruitments of various categories of staff  was carried out in 2013  for the Trauma Centre, Ondo, Ondo State Emergency Medical services and the  Kidney Care Centre, Ondo. Another recruitment process is currently ongoing to boost the services delivery capabilities of our facilities especially the tertiary health facilities
  • Promotion and staff cadre conversion exercise was done and concluded for 2013 and that for 2014 is scheduled to be completed before end of June, 2014
  • HMB has continuously ensured that appropriate and adequate numbers of personnel were  placed in all health care services points within the limits of available human resources
  • Training on civil services rules for all newly recruited staff was carried out in 2013 and Induction training was also organized for all our recruited laboratory and Pharmacy interns including the Medical and Dental house officers in 2013. Another Induction programme was organized for Medical and Dental House officers in April, 2014. Issues of ethical standard of practice and the interplay of ethics, rules and laws in health services delivery were emphasized.


Health Services Delivery

The HMB have ensured that qualitative and quantitative health care services are made available and accessible to the citizens and residents of Ondo State. These seamless provisions of health care services have been made possible through:


  • Regular supervision and monitoring of Secondary Health facilities across the State.
  • Infrastructures upgrade by renovations of health facilities and building new ones through working together with the Ondo State Ministry of Health. These renovations were carried out and completed in 2013 while some are currently at various stages of completion. This is to make the facilities conducive for health services deliveries.
  • Monthly meetings of HMB management with the Medical Directors/ Chief Medical Directors/Secretaries of our General and State Specialist Hospitals in order to have first hand information on situation report of their hospitals.
  • Working on intervention programmes to address any reported or perceived challenges of our health facilities
  • Ensuring health care services are qualitative, available, accessible, affordable and acceptable. The Board is changing the orientation of our health workers on the need to adopt positive attitude to work such that the citizens will be encouraged to demand for health services while guaranteeing the supply of health services to those that needed them. One of the methods adopted was the sensitization programme organized by HMB for its health workers tagged ‘Patient as the King.’ This was aimed at changing the perception of our health workers to see the patient as the reason why they are employed and to see patient as supreme.
  • Standard Operating procedures (SOPs) had been developed for the state specialist hospital Akure and plans had been concluded to ensure that provisions of health services are guided by protocols in all our Secondary health facilities. This is meant to provide well articulated, concise, goal directed and result based procedures and guidelines which are intended to shape and guide our clinical practice to cope with myriad of challenges in health services delivery.
  • Community outreach programmes, school health programme and Well Person Clinic have been established in State Specialist Hospitals by the Community Health department of the hospital with the active support of HMB and the ministry of health. This has enabled the HMB to provide community services and screening services to the good people of Ondo State. Other Well Persons ClinicS is being planned for other health facilities for the State
  • The cervical screening services have also been done for a good numbers of our women in Ondo state in some of our secondary health facilities. This was made possible by a team of experienced Consultant Histopathologists in the employment of HMB with sponsorship provided by Her Excellency, Mrs. Olukemi Mimiko, the wife of the Executive Governor of Ondo State.
  • There was mass burial of abandoned corpses across State health facilities
  • Extensive renovation of the mortuary at the State Specialist Hospitals Akure have been completed.


Health Information Management System


  • The HMB has been very critical of the quality of data coming from our health facilities. In order to ensure quality data, it set up a monitoring and maintenance unit to oversee the activities of Health Management Information Officers.
  • In addition, two training programmes were organized for the HMIS Officers to sensitize them on the importance of quality data in 2013. Also in 2013 Stakeholders meetings were also organized for the HMIS Officers to evaluate the extent of implementation of the DHIS 2.0 and to proffer solution to challenges impeding its full implementation. Another stakeholder meeting is being scheduled for June, 2014.
  • Funds for uninterrupted internet services have been made available to all Medical Record Officers with the active support of the Medical Directors/Chief Medical Directors of their respective hospitals.
  • New indicators were introduced in January, 2014 into our Health Management Information system to enable the tracking of our health outcome and all our health indexes.


Partnership for Health

The Board is working with various groups in its effort at providing quantitative and qualitative health care services. This partnership is with Local (Ondo State Ministry of Health, Ondo State Primary Health Care Board, Community Based Organizations and Faith Based Organization) and International (World Health Organization, World Bank etc) and Non-Governmental Organizations both local and international. The HMB is playing a key role in the World Bank Funded Results-Based Financing project which is currently increasing the quantity and quality of health care services in our health facilities.


Research for Health


The HMB has conducted research on facilities utilization and mortality patterns using hospitals base data. It has also designed additional research topics which are aimed at improving quality of health services to the good people of Ondo State.

Dr. M.A. Okunrinboye

Executive Chairman


Dr. M.A. Ojo

Permanent Secretary


For more information and enquiries, please contact:


The Executive Chairman

Hospitals Management Board


Akure, Ondo State.








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