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Partners Coordination Meeting Held At Conference Hall, Ministry Of Health, Akure,Ondo State.

By: Administrator Date: 14-02-2017

A Partners Coordination meeting was held on 14th February 2017 at the Conference hall of Ministry of Health, Akure, Ondo State. The aim of the meeting was to brief all health actors on the field about the plan to develop a unified work plan that will help optimize health outcomes through effective collaboration and efficient management of available resources evaluate, and also to agree on government-partners feedback mechanism and development of a strong monitoring and evaluation framework for health in the state.

The meeting further planned next step on the development of the State strategic health development plan. Dr. Isaac Aladeniyi, Director of Planning Research and Statistics explained that the Strategic Health Development Plan will be develop through synergy between Ministry of Health, Hospital Management Board, Primary Health Care Development Board, Emergency Medical Service and Partners in the State.

An emphasis was put on the need to do proper mapping of all the partners in the State so as to drive the same goal. The meeting resulted in laying action point to have an effective Partners Coordination in the State, as follows:

  • MOH to sustain the partners coordination forum through monthly meetings.
  • MOH to present TOR and operational guideline by next meeting.
  • Re-circulate the partners activity matrix to all partners in the state.
  • Identify other partners not present at the meeting for inclusion in the forum.
  • All partners/agencies to submit their activity matrix to MOH designated mailbox.
  • MOH to engage a consultant to do a comprehensive status review of the previous State Strategic Health Development Plan (SSHDP) to identify the challenge and lessons that can enhance implementation of the new SSHDP.
  • Circulate the previous SSHDP document and the matrix to all stakeholders.
  • SSHDP Workshop Presentation of the SSHDP to the new State Government for approval.
  • Printing and Circulation of SSHDP document.

The 2nd coordination meeting will take place in Ministry of Health, Akure on 6th March 2017, where once more the partners will meet to discuss issues regarding the development of the SSHDP.

Dr Tayo Oni, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health thanked everyone and promised that the Ministry of Health will take the lead in this partner’s coordination meeting.

The meeting was attended by 47 delegates from Partners, MDAs and other parastatals within the State.

PRESENT PARTNERS UNICEF, SFH, InstraGHS, WHO-Ondo, Melville Women Initiatives, NEPWHAN, Knowledge & Care Provider, NPHCDA, OSPHCDB, EHAI, CRS, Glo (Public Sector), Civil Society Platform on Health, HMB


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