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Reducing Malaria Burden in Ondo State

By: Kehinde Adeleye Date: 26-04-2016

A. Area of Intervention on Malaria Case Management

Malaria Elimination has been scaled-up in various capacities such as programme done in Abiye-safe-mother-hood initiative where FREE anti-malarial drugs (ACTs) were given to children 0-5 years of age and pregnant women infected with malaria parasite. To support this process & in collaboration with Global fund, there is supply of 185,221 doses of ACTs within this year. The first batch of this total quantity was distributed in January while the second batch of this distribution is being planned for distribution this April 2016. In the same vein, plan is still on ground to make more supplies for distribution of more ACTs to all health facilities across the 18 LGAs of the state before the year runs out.

Malaria unit has also witnessed supply of 21,236 units of malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits (mRDTs) for distribution between January and April 2016. Out of which 13,028units has been distributed in January while the remaining 8,028units of mRDTs is awaiting distribution in April 2016 alongside the second batch ACTs (anti-malarial) distribution earlier mentioned.

Malaria unit in partnership with SFH (Society for Family Health) have not left out malaria elimination in the private sector. Recently, a total of 19,670 ACTs were made available to the private facilities by SFH at a very subsidized rate. Also 33,425units of mRDTs were used both at the facilities and during outreaches activities.

B. Area of Intervention on Malaria Prevention

The state government gave financial supports in the MASS distribution of 1,567, 702 Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLINs) across the 18LGAs few years ago. Following which continuous Long Lasting Insecticidal Treated Nets (LLINs) have being done through various our strategic channels such as Free Net Distributions to all booked pregnant mothers that came for antenatal clinic, children under 5 that have completed their immunization schedule as evidenced by NPI certificate and school channel of distribution. Already 151,272 LLINs have been distributed routinely to health facilities and school based approach across the 18 LGAs. Recently, there is supply of 171,620 LLIN alongside ACTs and mRDTs mentioned earlier currently being planned for distribution to health facilities across the 18LGAs of the state.

In addition to this, there is supply of other anti-malarial consumables such as gloves (6,313 packs), and sharp containers (1,450 pieces).

C. Area of Health System Strengthening in Malaria

18 Primary Health Care Coordinators (PHCCs) and 18 Senior Health Workers were trained on the Training of Trainers (ToT) on malaria case management and use of malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit which was further extended through cascade training to other 270PHC health workers supported by malaria sub recipients Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in collaboration with malaria unit. (April 2016).

Review meetings with 18LGA malaria focal persons were held monthly with support from the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) sub recipient to National Malaria Elimination Programme and CHAN MED.

With supports from the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) (Sub recipient), we cascaded a training on HMIS tools to 270 district HMIS Officers at the PHC facilities and One Record Officer from each general hospital across the eighteen LGAs in (February 2016).

18 LGAs malaria focal person and 18 LGAs logisticians were selected across the 18 LGAs and trained on MCLS (Malaria Commodity Logistic system). (January 2016). Following which cascade training was extended to other 270 primary health care workers.

In collaboration with the Society for Family Health (SFH) 65 private health care providers were trained on malaria case management, 73 private health care providers were trained on malaria in pregnancy (IPT), 81 Private Health Care providers were trained on the use of malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits (mRDTs) (late 2015).

D. Advocacy Communication and Social Mobilization

IEC materials: 1,000copies of malaria case management protocol was printed by the Ondo State Primary Health Care Development Board (OSPHCDB) for distribution to the Primary Health Care facilities (2016). 1,000copies of protocol on the care and use of LLINs was also printed by the Ondo State Primary Health Care Development Board (OSPHCDB) for distribution to the Primary Health Care facilities (2016)


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