Ondo State Drugs and Health Commodities Management Agency

The Ondo State Drugs and Health Commodities Management Agency (ODHCMA) is established to improve access to essential medicines and health commodities in line with the “Effective Healthcare and Social Welfare” component of the 8-Point REDEEMED Agenda of the present administration in the State and also to attain Universal Health Coverage. ODHCMA ensures regular supply of qualitative Drugs and Health commodities at affordable cost to all State health care facilities (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) for the purpose of improving healthcare service delivery system of Ondo State. It also maintains a sustainable Drugs and Health Commodities Revolving Funds (DHRF), enhances production activities of drugs and other health commodities manufacturing unit by sourcing for indigenous raw materials, also, serves as source of Drugs and Health commodities procurement center to private facilities within and outside the State. The Agency accomplishes these stated objectives through the concept of Essential Drugs List, Drugs and Health Commodities Revolving Fund Schemes, Revised National Supply Chain Policy documents and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) subject to the internal regulations of the Agency. ODHCMA further seeks to regulate the prices of drugs and health commodities across all health facilities to enable fair pricing system for all using the principles of economy of scale. The Agency is to also explore other funding sources through Supply Chain pathways, Basic health Care Provision Fund, and Public- Private Partnerships. Central to the operationalization of the Ondo State Drugs and Health Commodities Management Agency is inter-sectoral collaboration, marketing, efficient client services and Technology/Innovations. ODHCMA uses the business-like (hub for investments) and stakeholder-inclusive approach to deliver the mandate of government to save and improve quality of life. The five strategic priorities for ODHCMA’s operationalization are:
i. Strategic Partnership;
ii. Drugs and Health Commodities Revolving Fund;
iii. Production/Manufacturing;
iv. Logistics Management & Coordination in which is embedded an efficient Last Mile delivery system; and
v. Retail Marketing.

You can always reach ODHCMA through the following means:

Office Address:
ODCHMA Complex, Central Medical Store, Ondo road, Akure

Phone: 0813 226 7686

Email: odhcma@ondostatemoh.gov.ng